How to start the decanter centrifuge?

- Sep 26, 2020-

Due to the high efficiency of the decanter centrifuge, more and more people will choose to purchase the decanter centrifuge for use in recent time. However, for some new users and friends, how to start the device correctly is also a more important issue when first contacting the device. So, do you know how to start the device? Let's look at the specific content below.

First of all, after we receive the decanter centrifuge equipment, we need to check it again, and then follow the requirements to ensure that the equipment is safe, especially the rotor and samples; then press the function selection key to set the parameters of the equipment in turn. Including temperature, speed, time, acceleration and deceleration, etc. If the device also has a computer-controlled system, you should also press the storage room. In this way, you can record the information you have entered for the next operation.

Of course, when starting the equipment, there will be some unexpected situations. If you encounter a problem that cannot be started, you should press the red stop button of the black button box twice to shut down the decanter centrifuge equipment, and then wait about two minutes About time, then press the green start button of the device to restart. When the equipment is finished, we should first press the red stop button of the white button box, and then press the red button of the black button box to stop the device.

Of course, when different manufacturers are in production, different styles of decanter centrifuge equipment will have some differences in operation. For example, the start button of some equipment is START and the stop button is STOP. However, no matter which style it is, we can follow the above steps to start the device.

The above are the main steps for you to start the decanter centrifuge equipment correctly. I don’t know if you all understand it? I hope all friends can master this knowledge proficiently and operate our decanter centrifuge equipment better.