IEEXPO:Shanghai Environment Expo Information

- Mar 13, 2019-

Time: April 15 - 17, 2019
Location: Shanghai New International Exhibition Center

The advantage and authority of the China Environment Fair are high. It has received the official guidance and support of the State Environmental Protection Department and the Ministry of Housing and Construction. 300 domestic and overseas trade associations and industrial associations are escorting the fair. The quality guarantee has been based on the excellent quality of IFAT, the world's first environmental protection exhibition in Germany. The Chinese market has matured and operated in 19 years. It has been in the same boat with the environmental protection industry. It has invested ingenuously into 20 international exhibition groups, thousands of exhibitors and 150,000 square meters.

The highly specialized special exhibition area features vertical subdivision of exhibits, covering the whole environmental protection industry chain. The " exhibition" and " meeting" are combined. More than 100 summit forums have staged 300 cooperative media with far-reaching effects, which are integrated, publicized and promoted throughout the year.

In conjunction with IFAT Global Exhibition and China World Expo Guangzhou Exhibition, the four thematic exhibitions of complementary resources go hand in hand to cover the entire environmental protection industry chain. The four thematic exhibitions of this exhibition will be upgraded in an all-round way and more sub-divided areas will be displayed in special zones to provide a professional and internationalized high-quality development platform for the entire environmental protection industry chain.

In order to adapt to the continuous expansion of the exhibition scale and the development needs of various sub - areas, the water exhibition area will be set up with six special exhibition areas, namely, sewage and sludge area, pump pipe valve area, membrane and water treatment area, industrial water treatment area, water supply area and instrument area. The exhibition area will be dedicated to the exhibition of leading technologies, materials and equipment in all aspects of the water treatment process.