In what aspects are the structural advantages of horizontal spiral centrifuges reflected?

- Aug 31, 2020-

From the structural analysis, we can see that the horizontal spiral centrifuge actually has many obvious advantages. Due to the compact and reasonable structure design, the overall operation is relatively stable and reliable. So do you know which aspects of the structural advantages of the horizontal screw centrifuge are fully reflected?

There must be a lot of friends who are curious about this issue, I hope you can work with us to understand the specific content. First, the head of the bracket of the horizontal screw centrifuge is equipped with a main motor, which is mainly connected to the head of the body assembly by a main belt, and a planetary differential is installed at the end.

Therefore, its own load is relatively small in the process of operation, so the power consumption is lower, and higher work efficiency can be achieved. In other words, the actual power of the horizontal screw centrifuge did not increase when the processing capacity was doubled. And when it is at full load, the working load of the motor does not exceed 80% of the rated power.

In addition, when making the equipment, it is specially made by high-quality thick steel plate, and the thickness of the wear-resistant layer on the surface is twice as thick as the original, which can ensure the ultra-long life of the horizontal screw centrifuge. use.

In addition, the main bearing used in this horizontal screw centrifuge is also a high-quality bearing, which can maintain a stable working state during long-term operation.

In addition to the advantages described above, the horizontal screw centrifuge can not only fully guarantee the sludge recovery rate when performing separation operations, but also relatively increase the dryness of the sludge. And during operation, it can also reduce wear and tear, ensuring long-term safe operation.