Installation of horizontal screw decanter centrifuge precautions

- Sep 27, 2017-

Horizontal screw decanter centrifuge is a horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge, through the spiral pusher on the blade pushed to the small drum end of the drum discharge, the liquid phase through the big overflow overflow hole. So continue to cycle, in order to achieve the purpose of continuous separation.
Horizontal screw decanter centrifuge installation precautions
1. Horizontal screw decanter centrifuge can not be used to separate flammable, toxic, and corrosive, radioactive material.
2. Before you are ready to install or operate the decanter centrifuge, please read all the instructions in the instructions.
3. Do not operate the warning signs that are damaged or have no warning signs for the centrifuge.
4. If the machine vibration amplitude exceeds 24mm / sec, please stop now!
5. Centrifuge is not permitted when the feed temperature exceeds the limits specified in the data sheet for installation, operation, and maintenance.
6. There is ice water in the drum, frozen or hard material, can not start the centrifuge.
7. Do not run the centrifuge at the maximum speed of the drum and the maximum density of the solid as specified in the manual data list, or on the centrifuge nameplate.
8. Do not operate the centrifuge when there is no belt guard and other protective equipment.
9. Periodically check all automatic cutting devices and monitoring systems to ensure proper operation.
10. It is not possible to determine whether the centrifuge is completely stopped, whether the main power supply is fully disconnected, and whether the main switch is disconnected and locked securely. Do not disassemble the centrifuge.
11. Do not operate the centrifuge when the centrifuge drum, motor or support frame cracks, dents, holes or trenches.
12. Do not perform any operation on the centrifuge when the direction of operation of the motor is opposite to the direction of the indicator arrow.
13. The centrifuge is not fully installed in the case, not start the machine.
14. Follow all the lubrication procedures and steps of the equipment.
15. At least once a year to check the centrifuge and the motor base and all the support rack, chassis and connecting pipe fittings.
16. Near the rotating parts shall not be placed cloth and loose clothing.
17. When the demolition, installation or operation, operation and maintenance of the machine, please strictly follow the normal steps.
18. Only after a specially trained technical staff to be able to operate, clean, disassemble and install the horizontal screw decanter centrifuge.

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