Internal structure and application advantages of high speed decanter centrifuge

- May 10, 2019-

The high speed decanter centrifuge is a solid-liquid separation device. The decanter centrifuge drum has no filter holes. When the suspension to be separated enters the centrifuge drum, the high-speed rotating drum generates a strong centrifugal force to compare the liquid phase density. The large solid phase particles are deposited on the drum wall to form a sediment layer, and the light phase material forms an inner layer liquid ring. The clear liquid can be turned over the baffle plate to overflow the rotating drum, and the solid phase material is discharged from the upper portion of the drum after the shutdown. The use of high-speed decanter centrifuges can achieve ideal solid-liquid separation.


The inner wall of the drum of the high-speed decanter centrifuge is provided with a stainless steel wire mesh inner tank adapted to the inner wall of the drum, and the mesh of the stainless steel wire mesh inner tank is 400 to 800 mesh. For solid-liquid separation, the stainless steel wire mesh liner is placed in the drum, and the suspension hydrolyzate is placed in the inner tank. When the separation and washing are completed, the stainless steel wire mesh liner is taken out. Yes, there is no need to spend too much time to reclaim.


Moreover, for the process of drying the filter cake, the stainless steel wire mesh and the attached filter cake can be directly put into the drying box, thereby eliminating the process of loading the material into the baking tray, which greatly simplifies the operation. The method saves time and improves production efficiency.