Introduction of the procedure for the heating of centrifugal bearings

- Apr 26, 2017-

We should be clear about a problem, that is, regardless of the centrifuge, is a laboratory centrifuge or industrial centrifuges can also his main components are transmission parts, and we want to say that the bearings are the most important parts of the transmission. Therefore, generally experienced buyers will be purchasing a centrifuge to ask the manufacturers some related problems.
Here are some of the reasons that lead to the heat of the centrifugal bearings and the solutions.
1. It may be due to overload and overload.
2. It may also be due to the heat generated by mechanical friction.
But the most important problem is that the bearings are not authentic, some users will be cheaper to choose low-priced bearings, but the bearings are easy to heat, perm, even the bearing burned. So we want to choose authentic bearings. Because of authentic high-quality bearings can guarantee the long-term normal operation of centrifuges, its operating life can reach more than 10 years.
In addition, we should pay attention to the lubrication of machinery, we want to choose good high-temperature lithium grease, in fact, high temperature lithium grease can also affect the bearing fever. Therefore, we should be exceptionally careful to check, if the mechanical friction will be noisy, so obviously, the machine has worn out, the bearings will loose, so that this is the problem of bearings need to replace the timely bearings.