Introduction to the application situation and advantages and disadvantages of horizontal screw centrifuge

- Oct 03, 2020-

For the horizontal screw centrifuge, it can complete different task requirements in actual work according to the needs. From the current application point of view, five main work requirements can be achieved, including: solid-phase dehydration, liquid-phase clarification, separation of suspensions in which the solid phase is lighter than the liquid phase, liquid-liquid-solid separation, and particle size classification, etc. . Next, let's look at the specific content together.

Below, we will briefly introduce the performance of the horizontal screw centrifuge in these different applications. The first is that in the work of solid-phase dehydration, the separation effect is different for different materials. As for the clarification of the liquid phase, its clarification effect in this respect may be slightly worse than that of the separator, but it can obtain a drier sediment.

As for several other applications, we will also involve them in actual applications. However, judging from all the above applications, the advantages and disadvantages of the horizontal screw centrifuge are still very obvious. First of all, its advantage is that it can be operated automatically and continuously, and can be used in different occasions. In the process of long-term operation, it can maintain a relatively stable state, and maintenance is very convenient even if an unexpected situation occurs. Not only can it achieve a good separation effect, but it is also relatively economical in terms of cost.

However, there are also many shortcomings in application. For example, the structure will be more complicated and the cost will be higher. Secondly, the washing effect of the sediment is not ideal. However, for users, as long as they can appropriately choose a horizontal screw centrifuge according to their actual needs, these shortcomings can also be ignored.

In short, we should choose a suitable separation equipment according to our actual needs. As far as the horizontal screw centrifuge is concerned, it can give full play to its unique advantages when it is working.