Key points and precautions in the use of activated carbon filter cartridge machine equipment

- Apr 10, 2019-

In the era of relatively developed industrialization, the number of activated carbon filter machines is increasing. It is made of high-quality shell carbon and coal-based activated carbon, supplemented by food-grade binders, using high-tech technology and processed by special techniques. Adsorption, filtration, interception and catalysis can effectively remove organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances in water, and have the effects of decolorization and odor removal. It is an ideal new generation product in the liquid and air purification industry.


The activated carbon filter cartridge machine is made by adding activated carbon particles to the binder and heating and sintering. The innermost layer of the filter element is a polypropylene skeleton to strengthen the pressure resistance of the filter element. The bone frame is covered with two layers of polypropylene microfiber mat that intercepts the liquid through the carbon core and carries particles larger than 10 microns. The carbon core outer layer is wrapped with two layers of polypropylene microfiber mat, which can intercept particles larger than 10-20 microns in the liquid, so that the filter element has the dual functions of filtration and purification. The outer layer is a white plastic mesh sleeve that gives the filter element a complete appearance and a neat appearance. The finished activated carbon filter is tightly packed with a plastic film to prevent the filter from being contaminated and keeping the filter element fresh.


Machines and equipment have a service life, which is similar to the shelf life. Once this period is exceeded, the machine's working efficiency will be greatly reduced. We know that to ensure the normal operation of the carbon filter machine, it is to ensure its clean, the carbon filter machine can guarantee the life of the filter.