Key Technology of Stacked Screw Dewatering Screw Press

- Jan 23, 2019-

The stacked screw dewatering screw press has a wide application range, low operating cost and greatly reduced power consumption. During long-term operation, the equipment is not easily blocked, and the flushing water is greatly reduced. At the same time, the 24-hour automatic unmanned operation was realized in the dehydration process, and the labor cost was greatly reduced.


From the structural design analysis, the stacking screw of the stacked screw dewatering screw press comprises a plurality of fixing rings stacked on each other, and the outer circumference of the fixing ring is uniformly provided with a plurality of screws, and the fixing ring is set on the screw, and the screw is located adjacent to each other. A gasket is disposed between the two fixing rings, and a swimming ring is further disposed in the gap between the adjacent fixing rings, and the inner side of the fixing ring is matched with the spiral blade.


Therefore, during the operation of the stacked screw dewatering screw press, the swimming ring will swim with the rotation of the screw shaft, and the gasket can always maintain a certain gap between the fixed ring and the swimming ring to avoid complete blockage, and has self-contained Clearing action, the user does not need to carry out a large amount of cleaning to prevent the filter plug from clogging, completely reducing the amount of flushing water.