Lubrication requirements of decanter centrifuge

- Dec 29, 2020-

The application of the horizontal screw centrifuge in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry is self-evident, and its lubrication requirements are very high. The lubrication of the differential is bath lubrication, the oil temperature is high during operation, and it is easy to leak oil under the action of centrifugal force. Therefore, the oil reservoir should be checked frequently and replenished in time.

Screw a plug on the front cover of the differential to the top, and then unscrew the plug. And stop at an angle of 150 degrees from the vertical. At this time, the oil level should be flush with the bottom of the screw hole. Should put more, add less. Sampling hydraulic oil monthly to analyze moisture and acidity to see if the differential lubricant is normal. If you find any abnormality, find out the cause and replace it immediately.

The brand and quality of lubricating oil are very important. Make sure that the lubricating oil is not contaminated when adding it. Lubricants of different brands cannot be mixed, so the requirements for lubricating oil are very high. Lubricating oil should be changed regularly. Generally speaking, the replacement of lubricating oil is periodic, which is formulated according to the usage of lubricating oil. Check regularly, add lubricating oil when found to be insufficient, and replace when found to be deteriorated. In short, ensure that the lubrication of the equipment meets the requirements for use.

Although the horizontal screw centrifuge drum has passed the verification of accurate dynamic balance, there is still a residual imbalance. During the loading operation, the vibration of the centrifuge will be aggravated due to the high rotating speed of the rotating drum and uneven feeding and scraping. Therefore, the vibration reduction and isolation of the horizontal screw centrifuge is the key to determining whether the centrifuge can be used normally.

Generally, the horizontal spiral centrifuge and a certain weight of precast concrete foundation are fixed with anchor bolts, and then placed on a vibration damping system composed of elastic shock absorbers to isolate and reduce the impact of centrifuge vibration on the foundation during use. Commonly used elastic shock absorbers include rubber shock absorbers and combined damping shock absorbers.