LW series of horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge advantage

- Sep 23, 2017-

LW series of horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge is the use of centrifugal sedimentation principle of the drilling suspension separation, through the spiral pusher on the blade pushed to the small end of the drum discharge, the liquid phase through the big side of the drum overflow Flow hole overflow. So continue to cycle, in order to achieve the purpose of continuous separation.


Advantages of LW Series Horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge


1. Sand removal effect is good. Combined with years of experience in the development and production of centrifuges, and after a large number of field tests, we LW series centrifuge sedimentation zone parameters and feeding methods were optimized design, so that the centrifuge greatly enhance the effect of sand, and imports can be the same Specifications comparable to the centrifuge.


2. Low energy consumption, light workload. In the case of a doubling of the original capacity, the power does not increase and the motor load does not exceed 80% of the rated power when the centrifuge is fully loaded.


3. Reliable, long life Centrifuge key components of the spiral propeller, with thick steel plate Seiko manufacturing, surface wear layer thickness than the original thick twice to ensure that the centrifuge long life use. The main bearing imported high-quality bearings, differential with high-precision hard tooth gear drive. These measures, so that my company's centrifuge to become a very "piculous" equipment, to adapt to the harsh site drilling conditions.


4. vibration, low noise. By improving the centrifuge part of the processing accuracy and dynamic balance accuracy, so that the centrifuge vibration, noise down to a very low level.


LW series of horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge role

LW series horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge is mainly used for the recovery of barite, remove the small solid, reduce the drilling fluid solids content, control drilling fluid density, viscosity, to ensure the performance of drilling fluid and rapid drilling have an important role .



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