LWL Series Horizontal Spiral Discharge Filtering Centrifuge Equipment Characteristics And Applications

- Jun 08, 2017-

LWL series horizontal spiral discharge filtering centrifuge separation equipment is using the principle of filter separation of suspended solid particles as solid phase, the - liquid separation or centrifugal dewatering in suspension can be 0.05---3mm, and equipped with washing function. The product has: continuous operation, automatic unloading, solid and water cost, even can save the drying procedure, in vulnerable part of the machine adopts special wear-resistant materials to be protected, the service life is enhanced. It is widely used in chemical, food, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, light industry and other industries as a suspension of solid-liquid separation and dehydration.

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Working Principle

Motor driven drum and the feeding screw are arranged concentrically, with a certain differential with high rotation speed, material from the feed continuous uniform distribution of income, to the bottom of a drum screen on the wall, under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid through the filter and the holes of the drum. The discharged liquid discharge port discharge out of the machine. The solid deposits form a residue in the drum, the cone component residue in the centrifugal force and the interaction of the feeding screw group, constantly moving to the big end discharges drum, after unloading chute discharged out of the machine.

Characteristics of equipment

Continuous work, handling a large quantity of various forms of drum, screw coiled tube design for a wide range of power with a reasonable, low energy consumption and material contact parts and sealing type casing on the operator parts and circulating oil lubrication system, environment protection has the advantages of small volume, convenient installation, no need to engage in complex operation safe and reliable, the use of V type skid unloading and overload protection device.

Applications Area

CPE, ammonium sulfate, sodium oxide, Chinese medicine, A BS particles, straw extraction, copper sulfate, potassium oxide, metal slag, PVC particles, bead polymerization broadcast, citric acid, lactose, plastic particles, Nai, methyl cellulose, reclaimed rubber, pesticide, PVA polyethylene, Glauber's salt, vegetable extract, compound fertilizer particle, zinc sulfate and its crystalline substances.

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