Main features and welding principle of PP melt blown filter cartridge machine

- Feb 08, 2019-

The PP melt blown filter cartridge machine adopts the melt-blown process, through the special receiving device, the melt-blown ultra-fine fibers form a core-free tube. By adjusting the process combination, the fiber diameter and density can be changed to obtain various filtration performances. Filter products.
The main features of PP melt blown filter cartridge machine

PP melt-blown filter machine production line has realized continuous automatic production of PP filter core, continuously producing infinitely long filter element, which greatly reduces the consumption of production raw materials, and has the characteristics of high productivity, low power consumption, low loss and high automation.

Introduction to filter welding machine and welding principle
There are two end cap heating heads on the machine. The electric power of each regenerative head is 1500 watts, a total of 3000 watts. The fixed displacement of the filter end cap and the heater is pushed by the cylinder, so that the surface of the heated end portion of the end cover is in contact with the heating surface of the heater to melt the surface thereof, and then the heated surface is quickly bonded and solidified to form a unit. These moving parts have a filter feed mechanism, an end cap clamping robot, a heater lifting mechanism, a pressing device, etc., and these mechanisms are designed to be combined into a complete machine. The mechanisms are all driven by cylinders. According to the new welding process requirements of plastic welding machine, this equipment adopts programmable controller (PLC), automatic control system for touch screen man-machine interface operation, which is simple, accurate and reliable.