Main Features of Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge Machine

- Jun 15, 2017-

1.Horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge has wide application range, can be widely used in chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other needs. Solid liquid separation field. To complete solid phase dehydration, liquid clarification, liquid - liquid - solid, liquid - solid - solid phase separation, particle size separation process.
2.A large range of adaptability to materials, solid phase separation size can wide (0.0005 ~ 2mm), the usual separation in solid phase particle size is uneven.
3. Automatic, continuous, long-term operation, convenient maintenance, can be closed.
4. A single large production capacity, compact structure, small occupied area, low operation cost.
5. The vague amount of solid sediment is generally higher than that of the filter centrifuge, and is approximately close to the vacuum filter
6. Solid sediment washing is not effective

Horizontal spiral centrifuge.jpg

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