Melt-blowing process and automatic insulation of PP melt-blown filter production line

- Aug 22, 2018-

The PP meltblown filter production line mainly adopts the melt-blown process in the process of operation, and effectively passes through a special receiving device, so that the melt-blown ultrafine fibers can be formed into a coreless cylinder, and by adjusting the process combination, Change fiber diameter and density to obtain filter products with various filtration properties

Main features of PP meltblown filter production line

PP melt-blown filter production line has effectively realized the continuous automatic production of PP filter core to a certain extent, continuously producing infinitely long filter element, which greatly reduces the consumption of production raw materials, and has the characteristics of high productivity, low power consumption, low loss and high degree of automation.

After the PP meltblown filter production line is in normal operation, the heating oven of the equipment will reach the specified temperature, so it will be automatically insulated. At this time, no more power is consumed. When the temperature drops, it automatically heats up to the specified temperature. The air compressor/screw compressor compresses the air to the pressure we require (it no longer consumes electricity, when the air pressure is insufficient, the compressor continues to pressurize automatically), the air is stored directly in the gas tank, and then the gas is stored. The cans are then sent to the oven and the hot air is then transferred to the molds of the two extruders and then blown.