Melt blown filter cartridge production line

- Jul 31, 2017-

PA6 melt blown filter cartridge production line to achieve a continuous production of melt blown filter cartridge. Compared with the batch filter cartridge production line (production loss greater than 35%, high cost, product quality instability), continuous production of infinite long filter cartridge greatly reduces the production of raw materials consumption, with high capacity, low power consumption, low loss, easy operation Features. Through the following aspects of the improvement of the melt blown filter cartridge production line to achieve the current domestic leading level.

Melt blown filter cartridge production line to reduce energy consumption
1. Improve the rationality of supporting equipment, the use of new heaters, reducing the installed capacity of 30 ~ 40KW. Thereby reducing the cost of production.
2. Improve the reliability of equipment control
3. To improve the structure of key equipment, the use of new commercial control unit to improve the core stability and reliability, thus ensuring the quality of the product.
4. Using frequency conversion, solid state relay PID regulator, pneumatic and so on high-precision control technology to improve equipment operation, process control accuracy and stability.
5. The use of integral melt-blown die.
6. The overall die of the hole high precision, good consistency and no maintenance wear and tear, improve the quality and uniformity of meltblown fiber, thereby improving product quality. At the same time can improve the die life and the use of life, reduce the replacement of the head operation time, reduce maintenance costs.

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