Melt Blown Filter Cartridge Production Line Characteristics and Working Methods

- Aug 10, 2017-

As the filter cartridge production line classification more and more refined, which launched specifically for the melt-jet filter for continuous automated production of melt blown filter cartridge production line. If it is compared with the batch filter cartridge production line, you can clearly find this production line with high capacity, low power consumption, easy operation and many other advantages.

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By observing the entire melt blown filter cartridge production line, it can be found that it not only uses advanced heaters or excellent commercial control units, but also improves the stability of the melt blown filter cartridge production line while reducing the installed capacity and reducing the production cost. Reliability, thus ensuring product quality.
In the melt blown filter cartridge production line, also equipped with frequency conversion, solid-state relay PID regulator, pneumatic and so on high-precision control technology, making the unit operation, process control and other aspects of precision and stability to be further improved. In addition to the overall meltblown die, it is also a major feature in the melt blown filter cartridge production line, which helps to improve the quality and uniformity of the meltblown fiber, thus improving the product quality.
Since the current melt blown filter cartridge production line technology level has been quite mature, then it is bound to be widely used, in order to better reflect the advantages of melt-blown filter production line, in addition to master its characteristics, but also know it The way of working.
When the melt-blown filter production line begins to run, the raw material is first sent to the screw extruder by the automatic feeding device and heated and melted therein; it is then sent to the melt filter to remove impurities in the melt, The subsequent melt enters the dispenser.
And then by the melt blown filter cartridge production line in the gear metering pump quantitative evenly distributed to the left and right sides of the two melt-blown die, melt-jet die through the small hole extrusion. At this point the mold hole at the hole at the mold on both sides of the high temperature and high temperature air flow is strongly drawn into ultra-fine short fiber, and then left and right two sets of filter receiving equipment to receive molding. In this melt-blown filter cartridge production line throughout the production process, only need to adjust the process parameters can be different fiber density and wall thickness, and then cut off the formation of melt-blown filter products.

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