Need to be identified when selecting a solid-liquid separation centrifuge

- Sep 06, 2018-

A wide variety of solid-liquid separation centrifuges provide a wide range of options for the majority of users. In the face of different separation requirements, a suitable solid-liquid separation device can be found. At present, solid-liquid separation centrifuges have been widely used in starch, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial wastewater treatment and other industries.


With the continuous improvement of technology, the performance of the new solid-liquid separation centrifuge has been further improved on the basis of the original, and the user is more efficient, energy-saving and safer when used! Before the selection, we must first determine the separation process requirements such as hygiene requirements, whether it is toxic, whether it is foaming, etc. The second is to determine the settling characteristics of the material, because the factors that need to be considered in the actual processing are different for different materials.


Next, determine the filtration characteristics of the material, and then combine these conditions to initially select the solid-liquid separation centrifuge, and then slowly select the appropriate equipment. In short, only when a suitable solid-liquid separation centrifuge is selected, the liquid separation process can be completed efficiently.