Noise treatment method when using filter device

- Mar 05, 2020-

Industrial automation production provides a powerful prerequisite for the rapid and efficient development of modern industry. Meltblown filter element equipment, but with the extension of production time, we will have various problems with the filter element installed in the hydraulic oil. I heard inexplicable noise while I was operating the machine. What kind of situation is this? How to find the source of noise and how to solve this noise problem? This series of questions will be answered one by one below:

Any mechanical equipment has a certain useful life. Many equipments that exceed the specified useful life will greatly reduce its working efficiency, and even seriously cause production losses. This is especially reflected in the filtering equipment: we all know that we must ensure that The normal operation of the engine must ensure that the hydraulic oil filter element is often cleaned or replaced. Once the hydraulic oil filter element is blocked, noise will be generated. So how exactly does this noise occur? The dirty hydraulic oil will cause the filter element to be blocked. When the filter element is in a blocked state, the pressure difference between the internal and external sides of the hydraulic oil filter element will be too large. In this case, it will cause oil The surface is unstable. Once the oil level is changed, because the inside of the hydraulic oil filter element of the meltblown filter element device is too large, it is easy to mix air into the oil pipe, and then it will be transmitted to the pump and squeezed, which will generate aerodynamic noise.

Once the root cause of the problem is found, the solution is not difficult to find. The simple solution is to replace a new filter element. If the economy does not allow frequent replacement, then do regular maintenance and often clean the filter element. Make sure that there are not too many impurities attached to the filter element.

Here I would like to remind our friends that regular maintenance of mechanical meltblown filter element equipment can not only reduce unexpected problems on weekdays, but also save money for frequent equipment replacement.