Nylon Melt Blown Filter Cartridge Production Line

- May 26, 2017-

PA6 melt blown filter cartridge production line to achieve continuous automatic production of melt blown filter cartridge. Compared with the intermittent filter cartridge production line (the production loss is greater than 35%, high cost, unstable product quality), continuous production of unlimited long filter greatly reduces the production consumption of raw materials, has the advantages of high capacity, low power consumption, low loss, easy operation etc. through the improvement of the following respects to melt blown filter cartridge production line reached the leading domestic level.

PA6 melt blown filter cartridge production line

PA6 raw material by the automatic feeding equipment into screw extruder, the raw material in the screw extruder by heating and melting impurities transported to melt filter in the melt, melt into the distributor, the gear metering pump quantitative uniform distribution of each of the two melt blown die head to the right and left sides of the hole by melt blowing die extrusion at melt in the die hole at the die on both sides of the head, provided by air compressor and air heater with high temperature and high speed airflow strongly drafted into ultra-fine fibers, is about two sets of filter receiving device receives the molding, the receiving equipment for rotating shaft with special design, the meltblown fibers on the rotating shaft winding and continuous traction formed repeatedly an infinite A cylindrical filter core. By adjusting the process parameters of different fiber density and thickness, is then cut to length formed melt blown filter cartridge products.

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Melt blown filter cartridge production line to reduce energy consumption

1. To improve the rationality of equipment, using new type heater, reducing the installed capacity of 30~40KW. to reduce the production cost of the products.
2. Improve the structure reliability of the equipment control.
3. Key equipment improvement, the new commercial control unit, improving core stability and reliability, and guarantee the quality of the products.
4. Using frequency conversion, solid state relay PID regulation pneumatic and high precision control and improve equipment technology, process control accuracy and stability.
5. Using integrated melt blowing die hole.
6. Die head high overall accuracy, good consistency maintenance wear, improve the quality of the meltblown fibers The amount and uniformity, thereby improving the quality of products. At the same time can improve the die life and life cycle, reduce the die head replacement operation time, reduce the cost of maintenance.

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