Operating Characteristics of Slotting Machine for PP Winding Filter Production Line

- Jun 05, 2018-

During the operation of the PP wound filter production line, the goal of high-efficiency and energy-saving production was achieved. This is because the system adopts an electric heating temperature control system and an excellent heat insulation design, which effectively reduces heat loss and reduces energy consumption. Among them, the PP melt blown filter core cutting machine is a special automatic equipment for producing PP cutting groove filter elements in the PP wound filter production line. The device adopts a multi-piece removable knife set design, and the filter core can be automatically finished by putting the filter element into the feed inlet. Groove processing.


Therefore, compared with the traditional type of hook-and-groove type cutting machine, this PP melt-blown filter slot cutting machine shows more excellent processing results. After being applied to the PP wound filter production line, the resulting product is not only uniform in size but also beautiful in appearance. At the same time, it also has the advantages of high processing speed and no secondary processing to remove burrs.


In actual production, this type of slotting machine can be used not only in the production line of PP wound filter, but also can be used as a part of the production line. It can also be used alone to save labor and turnover. The device is also specially equipped with complete safety protection devices, among which the safety protection cover is specially designed to avoid potential safety hazards caused by the exposed blades and transmission components and effectively reduce operating noise.


Not only that, the device also has a high level of automation. Therefore, with the operation of the PP wound filter production line, the feeding, cutting, and discharging of the filter element are all controlled automatically, and the feed device can be docked with the main production equipment to form an assembly line. But also can obtain very excellent cutting effect: after the product processing section neat, clean and no burr, no need for secondary treatment, the blade using nitriding process, has good wear resistance and fatigue resistance, even if used for a long time It can ensure the groove effect of the filter material.


In addition, in the PP wound filter production line, an integrated waste collection system is also configured. In this way, in the course of production, it is possible to ensure that the dust is effectively filtered and the interior of the equipment is in a state of negative pressure. After the waste is generated, it is sucked away and the workshop is always kept clean and tidy.