Operating mode and disassembly of screw sludge dewatering machine

- Feb 18, 2019-

The operation mode of the screw sludge dewatering machine is divided into manual mode and automatic mode. Before cutting the device into the automatic mode, please test the manual operation mode of the machine and all peripheral pumps are normal. During automatic operation, Cut all the switches into the “AUTO” position. At this time, the main drive, pre-treatment and cleaning pumps start to run, waiting for the sludge to be processed, and then the water level controller automatically detects whether the sludge stock in the conditioning tank has reached
The standard to the set water level is indeed, if the sludge volume reaches a high water level, the main drive, rotary centrifugal part, washing pump, conditioning tank, sludge pump and dosing equipment will start to operate, if the sludge volume is pumped up When the water level is low, the machine will automatically cut off and stop. When the sludge volume accumulates to the high water level, the water level controller will connect and start the machine.
The disassembly of the screw sludge dewatering machine can be carried out step by step in the following order. Firstly, the bolts on the protective covers of the sludge dewatering machine need to be loosened and unloaded, the upper cover of the solid-liquid collection chamber is opened, the past is turned over, and the motor is suspended. And differential guard; disconnect the feed flange of the feed pump feed tube to separate it.
Then loosen the bolt of the upper cover of the feeding pipe socket and pull out the feeding pipe. Note that the relative position between the feeding pipe and the pipe socket should be recorded at this time, and a mark or a size can be taken and recorded; the sludge is removed. The belt on the dehydrator motor and the drum pulley should be guarded against pinching; pull out the positioning pin on the bearing seat, remove the bolt, disconnect the oil pipe and connect the sensors.