Operating time and stability of PP yarn winding filter cartridge making machine

- Oct 31, 2018-

In the process of operation, the PP yarn winding filter cartridge making machine mainly adopts high-precision control technology such as frequency conversion adjustment and pneumatics, so that the operation and process control precision and stability of the equipment can be effectively improved. The overall die of the PP yarn winding filter manufacturing machine has high precision, good consistency, no maintenance wear, and improves the quality and uniformity of the meltblown fibers, thereby improving product quality. At the same time, it can improve the service life and service life of the die, reduce the operation time of replacing the die, and reduce the maintenance cost.

PP yarn winding filter cartridge making machine mainly adopts fully automatic control system, which can continuously produce various kinds of filter elements to a certain extent. The equipment is very simple and convenient in operation, high output, high efficiency and long service life of the machine; The device adopts the frequency conversion speed control system, which has low power consumption, low loss, good product quality, stable performance and high filtering precision.

The PP yarn winding filter cartridge making machine realizes the radial multi-layer structure of the filter core to a certain extent, and achieves the effect of layered filtration of the filter element. The equipment is widely used for the pretreatment of pure water, circulating cooling water, drinking water, Laboratory water, boiler water, oil field water injection and filtration of chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, printing, paint, color expansion, fuel, beer, beverage and other industries.