Operation and application skills of horizontal screw centrifuge

- Sep 19, 2020-

Horizontal screw centrifuges are used more and more, and the requirements for operators are also increasing. Memorizing the operation and application skills of the horizontal screw centrifuge is a basic duty for every operator and a necessary skill. In order to facilitate everyone's learning, I will explain the specific operation and application skills for everyone, and hope to bring some help.

First of all, when installing the equipment, we should choose a suitable working environment to ensure that it is fixed on a relatively flat table and is relatively reliable. In addition, the horizontal screw centrifuge equipment is stored indoors to avoid direct sunlight, keep it clean, and have good ventilation. Do not store any dangerous goods around the equipment to avoid accidents.
When working, you should choose the corresponding accessories and facilities according to the actual needs, and you should be proficient in the skills and methods of operation, and you should have a full understanding of the status of the horizontal screw centrifuge, especially the rotor. During the operation of the equipment, the staff shall not leave their work posts, and shall closely observe the operation status of the equipment. Once abnormal problems are found, they shall be dealt with in time.
When the horizontal screw centrifuge equipment has completed its work, the equipment should be shut down as required, and the cleaning work should be done to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment. Pay special attention to the condition of the rotor, and clean and wipe in time, and keep it dry. If the device is not used for a long time, dustproof measures should also be taken for the device, and the door should be closed after the temperature of the device drops to the room temperature.
The application of horizontal screw centrifuges is more and more extensive, and more and more operating skills are required. What we want to suggest here is that, as an operator, you should be proficient in every operation skill, achieve safe production, safety inspection, and successfully complete tasks.