Operation steps of screw stack sludge dewatering machine

- Nov 28, 2020-

1. Before operation, be sure to be familiar with the screw stacker manual and have the most basic understanding of the screw stacker.
2. Make sure that there is no foreign matter in the equipment, and try running it dry. Ensure that the spiral is flexible and usable.
3. Run prevention and control for 3-5 minutes, and check whether the components are normal!
4. Check whether the capacity exceeds the upper limit set by the machine.
5. When the sludge machine is dewatering, it must be evenly distributed to prevent the machine from shaking!
6. Do not use the braking device during the operation of the sludge machine to avoid accidents!
7. Do not prevent debris from the top cover of the machine!
8. The blue tape from the clock of the device should stop immediately if it becomes hot and slippery, and check the greasiness on the tape, wipe it clean with alcohol or gasoline and reuse it.
9. To start the equipment, do a small sludge test, go to a certain amount of sludge for experiments, do flocculation experiments, try to add chemicals to make the sludge flocculate, and flocculate into blooming is the best, not too loose, dewater after loose The effect is not ideal. After the flocculation sample test is done, we must record the ratio of the flocculating agent and the dosage of the agent.
10. When the equipment is turned on, the water enters. We must turn on the device first and then enter the water. The water and the agent enter at the same time, and the mud must be slow. Slowly adjust, the sludge reaches a good state of flocculation. Then enter the dehydration spindle. Your return flow must be done well, this valve is opened to the maximum, Manman adjusts the mud flow.
11. Turn on the equipment to open the cleaning valve to clean the equipment, and then adjust the fender from width to narrow. Don't adjust too tightly. This will affect the equipment and increase the pressure on the equipment, which will reduce the service life of the equipment.
12. The flocculant liquid for sewage treatment is pre-configured.
13. Check whether the external pipes of each part are correctly connected as required and there is no leakage.
14. Check whether the valve opening and closing position of each pipeline is correct (the sludge inlet valve is open; the spray inlet valve is open; the sewage bottom valve is closed).
15. Check whether the external power supply is correctly connected as required.
16. Check whether the terminal screws in the electric control box are loose, and tighten them again if they are loose.
17. Push the main power switch in the electrical operation box to the ON state, check whether there are any abnormalities in the electrical components and contacts, and push the 220V control power switch after confirming that it is normal.
18. Check whether the rotation direction of the drive motor of the thickener body is correct (the correct rotation is the counterclockwise rotation direction from the direction of filter cake discharge), otherwise, damage or malfunction will occur.
19. Turn on the control switch of the dosing pump, check whether the steering of the dosing pump is correct, check whether the flocculant liquid can be input normally, if there is air in the pump, you can switch to exhaust or add water to exhaust the remaining air , To ensure the normal delivery of liquid medicine.
20. Check if there is any abnormality in the operation of the mixing tank stirring motor, so that the flocculant and sewage are fully stirred and reacted.
21. Turn on the control switch of the sludge pump, check whether the steering of the sludge pump is correct, and check whether the sewage raw liquid can be input normally. If there is air in the pump, the remaining air can be discharged by exhausting or adding water to ensure the sewage Normal delivery.
22. After all the above parts are put in normally, observe the alum coagulation in the mixing tank, adjust the flocculant flow of the injection pump, observe the filtrate outflow between the fixed rings of the concentration section, and require the filtrate to be clear and basically free of sludge solids entrainment ; Observe the water content of the sludge at the outlet end of the sludge, adjust the gap of the back pressure plate, and observe the output of the sludge filter cake. The return valve of the sludge pump next to the mixing tank makes the amount of sludge processed match this model. Overload operation is prohibited. After manual operation is normal, it can be switched to automatic operation.