Operational matters during the use of solid-liquid separator

- Jun 03, 2019-

The solid-liquid separator is a device capable of separating solid and liquid mixed materials, and has excellent use in the fields of aquaculture, dregs, and chemical residues. For the solid-liquid separator, the function and operation instructions of the equipment should be understood before operating the solid-liquid separator, so that it can be more convenient for its work.


However, during the operation of the solid-liquid separator, there are also some small details that are required to be noticed. For example, the bottom of the solid-liquid separator is equipped with movable feet to move the work, but it needs to be placed on a flat ground. Before opening, check whether the parts are completely undamaged, and whether the fastening bolts and screws are loose; the reducer fills the lubricating oil.


Turn on the power, jog the work, and pay attention to the correct rolling direction. Idle for 10 minutes to see if there are any abnormalities and sounds in the rolling parts, and whether the work is stable. Before the solid-liquid separator is charged, it is necessary to clean and dry the contact material, and pay attention to effectively ground the machine to prevent electric leakage.