Performance characteristics and application range of solid liquid separation machine

- Feb 15, 2019-

The solid liquid separation machine adopts the leading design concept, strict process, good separation effect, large processing capacity and low energy consumption. The rotor stiffness inside the equipment is simulated, the weight of the frame is strictly matched, the strict high-speed dynamic balance and the advanced machine balance technology.
The open vane-laminar flow design of the solid liquid separation machine has a symmetrical flow guiding hole at the root, and the liquid phase can flow axially to the overflow port, and the liquid phase has a higher clarity. In addition, the drum body is a whole, with high concentricity, low vibration, and higher strength and rigidity. Reduces disturbance to the air and reduces noise during operation.
Since the inner surface of the drum of the solid liquid separation machine has an anti-corrosion design, it is possible to equally weld the ribs of the appropriate thickness on the inner surface of the drum in the circumferential direction. Such equipment has been widely used to remove the moisture of the solid particles in the material, remove the solid particles in the suspension, and obtain a clear liquid; and also remove the solid particles having a larger particle size in the suspension.