Power control and compact structure of horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge

- Aug 23, 2018-

The horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge has a long service life. Under normal operating conditions, the equipment has a trouble-free operation of not less than 8000 hours and a service life of not less than 8 years. The horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge has a compact structure and the whole The equipment has a small footprint and is easy to operate, and the entire equipment is easy to maintain and has low maintenance costs.

The safety protection device of the horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge is complete and reliable. The whole equipment has multiple protections such as torque protection, power control, electrical interlocking, sound and light alarm, etc., which can effectively eliminate or reduce damage caused by sudden failure. The automation of the whole equipment is high, and the processes of feeding, separating and unloading of the machine are continuously and automatically performed at full speed. The equipment control can communicate with the microcomputer according to the user's requirements to realize the process automation control.

The horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge has a good operating environment. The opportunity for the separation of the suspension is carried out under completely closed conditions. There is no pollution to the site during the operation, and the production environment can be kept clean and hygienic.

Strong corrosion and rust resistance. The drum, screw, casing and other parts in contact with the material are made of high quality stainless steel, which has sufficient corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. If necessary, other materials can be used according to the user's requirements.