PP filter cartridge machine installation should pay attention to what

- Jan 04, 2018-

PP filter cartridge machine in the use of the fuel tank and air conditioning and other impurities need to filter parts is very important, mainly through its PP filter machine can be in the air and oil impurities contained in all filtered to ensure that the receiver Equipment service life and performance.

PP filter machine is composed of multiple parts, in the course of their work, several parts can be matched so that it can achieve good filtering effect, to the slitting of the paper machine can be carried out by the motor stepless speed regulation, Thus accurately adjust the size of the cut, the operation is very convenient.

PP filter cartridge machine installation should pay attention to what?

1. Working pressure does not exceed the maximum pressure indicated by the filter.

2. PP filter machine is generally installed in the aftercooler and gas tank, try to * use points and the lowest point of temperature.

3.PP filter machine should not be installed in the valve quickly after the opening, and to prevent the phenomenon of reflux and impact.

4.PP filter machine should be mounted vertically, leaving enough space below to replace the filter.

5. Larger filters in the pipeline should be properly supported.