PP filter cartridge making machine energy saving reasons

- Mar 02, 2018-

PP filter cartridge making machine is a variety of PP filter manufacturing machine, in the course of use we can find that the actual power consumption of the device and its theoretical power is different, what is the reason? PP filter manufacturing machine in the process of making the filter, you also need to pay attention to what?


The reason why the power consumption of a PP filter cartridge making machine changes will be mainly due to two reasons. One is that after the normal running of the machine, the heating oven automatically heats up after reaching the specified temperature, and no power is consumed at this time. When the temperature drops When it automatically warms up to the specified temperature.


On the other hand, it is because after the compressor compresses the air to the pressure required for the operation of the PP filter maker, it no longer consumes electricity. Only when the air pressure is insufficient, the compressor will automatically continue to pressurize. At this time the air is stored directly in the gas tank, and then from the gas tank to the oven and then the hot air delivered to the extruder die, and then blow the wire.


In addition, when operating the PP filter cartridge making machine, requiring each class requires a person to cut the filter, the machine operation is generally 10-15 days after the shutdown, the purpose is to clean the PP filter manufacturing machine mold garbage, so as not to affect the quality of filter making .


PP filter cartridge making machine mold cleaning method is very simple, just need to put the mold cleaning box to warm to 500 degrees, you need to heat for 4 hours, insulation takes 2 hours, after the natural cooling on it. After checking the error, PP filter maker can resume normal core making process.