PP filter cartridge production machine operating characteristics and cleaning and maintenance

- Nov 16, 2018-

PP filter cartridge production machine has the advantages of large output and high efficiency, and uses automatic control system to ensure stable and reliable operation and long service life. The production line is also equipped with a variable frequency speed control system, which has low energy consumption, low waste, good quality, stable performance, high precision of the filter element, and multi-layer structure of the filter element through multiple layers of water filtration.


For the user, the PP filter cartridge production machine runs efficiently and saves operating costs. This is because after the machine is running normally, our heating oven is automatically insulated after reaching the specified temperature. At this time, it no longer consumes electricity. When the temperature drops, it automatically heats up to the specified temperature. Moreover, the air compressor/screw compressor compresses the air to the pressure we require, and it no longer consumes electricity. When the air pressure is insufficient, the compressor continues to pressurize automatically, and the air is directly stored in the gas storage tank, and then The gas storage tank is then sent to the oven and then the hot air is sent to the mold of the two extruders and then blown.


It should be noted that after the end of the operation, the staff should be arranged to clean the garbage in the mold of the PP filter production machine in time. Usually, the mold should be placed in the mold cleaning box and heated to 500 degrees. It needs to be heated for 4 hours, and the insulation needs 2 hours. , naturally cooled.