PP melt blown cartridge cartoon machine application scope and performance characteristics

- Sep 14, 2017-

PP melt blown cartridge cartoon machine in the PP melt-blown filter, the specific what? The answer to this question is:

PP melt blown cartridge cartoon machine, which from the appearance point of view, it is a tubular filter, is to play the role of filtering. In addition, in the raw materials, is based on polypropylene, and after heating and melting, spinning, traction and other processes to make. This kind of filter, with the ability to accept pollution, long life and low cost advantages. Therefore, it can be used for strong acid, alkali and organic solvent filtration.

PP melt blown cartridge cartoon machine

1. PP melt blown cartridge cartoon machine application

PP melt blown cartridge cartoon machine, the scope of its application, specifically the words, mainly the following are:

Food and electronics industry: pure water, ultra-pure water pre-filtration, and alcohol, beverage and drinking water filtration.

Petrochemical industry: a variety of acid and organic solvent filtration, and oil field water filtration.

The pharmaceutical industry: pre-filtration of various liquids, injections and injections of washing water, as well as pre-filtration of some injections.

2.PP melt blown cartridge cartoon machine performance characteristics

(1) its filtration efficiency is high, can reach more than 99%. And, at the filter level, is also very high, because, PP melt blown cartridge cartoon machine aperture density, is very large, and uniform distribution.

(2) in the filter effect, is also very good, because of its filter resistance is small, the filter is not easy to jam and other issues, which can extend its service life.

(3) its own high degree of cleanliness, and, on the media, will not cause pollution. In addition, the filter, not prone to deformation and other issues, even at high temperatures, it will not affect the filtration efficiency. If the filter material is modified, it is possible to obtain extremely high hydrophilicity and can be used for oil and water separation.

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