PP melt blown filter cartridge machine main features

- Jan 20, 2018-

PP melt blown filter cartridge machine in the use of its effective use of its meltblown process, through a special receiving device, making meltblown microfiber coreless tube formed by adjusting the process combination, you can change the fiber diameter and density, resulting in A variety of filter performance of the filter products.

PP melt blown filter cartridge machine main features

PP meltblown filter machine to a certain extent, the effective realization of the continuous automatic PP filter production, continuous production infinite filter, which greatly reduces the consumption of raw materials, with high productivity, low power consumption, low loss, high degree of automation and so on.

PP meltblown filter machine in the production process can be made 1-6 nozzle, the filter can be done within the tight outside of the ladder-type filter mechanism. The current production is also greatly improved, our daily output of the largest meltblown filter production line can be done 6000 (110 grams), the machine achieved fully automatic operation, automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic feeding.

PP melt blown filter cartridge machine to a certain extent unattended can also be carried out 24 hours continuous operation. The inner and outer diameter of the filter only need to replace the winding shaft to achieve the production of different products, the length can be adjusted, the filtering accuracy of the filter can be adjusted 1-100um. Continuous production of qualified products> 99%.

PP melt blown filter cartridge machine produced meltblown filter is the use of non-toxic and tasteless PP particles, after heating and melting, spinning, traction, forming the tubular filter made of If the main raw material to polypropylene can be called PP meltblown filter.