PP melt blown filter cartridge machine parts configuration list

- Mar 01, 2018-

PP melt blown filter cartridge machine is a specialized production equipment for the production of PP jetting filter, which is mainly used for the raw material of textile grade polypropylene. After the practical application of proof, PP jetting filter machine average annual output up to 2500-3000PCS, mainly depends on the raw material, product specifications, ambient temperature, the maximum output of the extruder.


The PP melt blown filter cartridge machine made of a gradual outward from the progressive structure of the filter, and on the filter size, length, quality and precision, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements, in order to produce to meet the different purposes Filter products.


A complete set of PP melt blown filter cartridge machine is mainly composed of feeding system, extruder, melt distributor, spinning nozzle, PP filter device receiving system, electrical parts and other equipment. One of the main components of the feeding system hopper, is responsible for automatic feeding; and extruder also includes a motor that can drive equipment for efficient production.


PP jetting filter machine receiving system includes the receiving shaft motor, receiving shaft, pressure sticks, brackets, brackets, laminated roller, air heating tank, barometer, high temperature mats and insulation materials, stainless steel workbench and other components , To accurately accept the production of the filter.


The electrical part of the PP melt blown filter cartridge machine is controlled by the frequency converter; the heating zone and pressure control are controlled by a numerical control meter; the metering pump motor is controlled by a frequency converter; other electric controls include other advanced control devices such as relays, buttons, indicator lights and wires Wait.