PP melt blown filter cartridge production line technical parameters and product quality

- Mar 23, 2018-

PP melt blown filter cartridge production line has obvious superior performance in actual production, which not only has a high daily output, but also consumes low power and is relatively energy-efficient. PP melt blown filter production line in production, the default internal diameter of 28 mm. The user can replace the corresponding shaft according to different inner diameters.


The inner diameter range of the products processed by the PP meltblown filter production line is 14mm~144mm; the outer diameter range is 38mm~120mm (the inner diameter is 28mm). The default voltage of the equipment is AC380V/50HZ, DC220V/50HZ, other requirements can be customized.


In actual production, PP melt blown filter cartridge production line is based on polypropylene (Polypropylene) as the raw material, adopting new melt-blowing technology, hot-melt spinning to form ultra-fine fibers, combined with multi-layer continuous extrusion molding technology, allowing the fiber to be free in space Bonding is intertwined to form a three-dimensional labyrinth microporous structure, and the tightness (aperture and density) of the filter material fiber is controlled with different forming speeds and wire-receiving distances.


Because of advanced production technology, the PP melt-blown filter produced by the PP melt-blown filter production line has high filtration capacity and dirt holding capacity, low pressure difference and multi-layer gradient structure, and is a filter element with deep filtration performance. product. Therefore, this filter element has become an excellent high-quality filter material and has been widely used in petrochemical, chemical, automotive, electronics, food, and pharmaceutical industries.


Not only that, in the process of production and processing, the automation level of the PP melt blown filter cartridge production line has been continuously improved. At present, PP melt-blown filter production line can not only maintain high production efficiency, but also can maintain continuous production for a long time, which greatly saves labor costs.