PP meltblown filter production line operation requirements and high filtration accuracy

- Jul 23, 2018-

PP melt-blown filter production line mainly uses its polypropylene raw material in the process of production. It is effectively melted, sprayed, drawn, and shaped at high temperature during operation. To some extent, the tubular melting of various specifications is cut and cut. Spray filter. They have high filtration precision and are widely used in pretreatment of purified water, circulating cooling water, drinking water, laboratory water, boiler water, oilfield water injection and chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, printing, paint, color expansion, fuel, Filtration of beer, beverage and other industries.


The PP meltblown filter production line is very convenient and fast in production. The entire production line has a long service life and high output, which reduces the cost during operation. The filter production line has been exported to India, Egypt, Iran, Ukraine, France, Brazil. Countries such as Turkey and Turkey are well received by domestic and foreign customers.


PP meltblown filter production line operation requirements

1. Feeding system: automatic feeding, hopper.

2. One melt distributor: heating power 9kw, high temperature valve 3pcs, 3 barometers. Pump motor 3 sets 1.2kw, 3 metering pumps, (including pump rod, universal joint shaft), high temperature metal hose 6pcs, hot air passage 1 set, related accessories and insulation materials.