PP meltblown filter production line purchase and production process and its products

- Jul 13, 2018-

PP meltblown filter production line, as its name suggests, this is a production line for the production of PP meltblown filter cartridge, so the specific name of PP meltblown filter production line, in order to have an intuitive understanding . The following is to further study and understand, in order to know what the production line is and how to make good use of it, to get the product you want.


1.PP melting spray filter production line purchase instructions

PP meltblown filter production line, there are some instructions and considerations in the purchase work, if you do not consider the comprehensive or do not know its precautions, it will lead to wrong choices and product waste, and then, bring to the user Economic losses, so we should pay attention to this work, and we must not be sloppy.


PP meltblown filter production line purchase, the factors that need to be considered are the equipment picture and data in the production line, as well as equipment parameters, in addition, there are prices and manufacturers and other specific aspects, in the production line price, need to take into account Both quotes and price quotes. After considering these factors together, you can accurately judge and select the right product.


2.PP meltblown filter production line products

PP meltblown filter production line is a filter for PP meltblown filter. It is a tubular filter element which is made of non-toxic and odorless polypropylene particles, which are heated, melted, spun, drawn and subjected to forming. This kind of filter element produced by this production line has many applications, and its specific application fields are:

Pharmaceutical industry: Pre-filtration of various injections, liquids and injections, as well as pre-filtration of various antibiotics and traditional Chinese medicine injections.

Food industry: Filtration of alcohol, beverages and drinking water.

Electronics industry: Pre-filtration of pure water and ultrapure water.

Petrochemical industry: filtration of various acids, bases and organic solvents, as well as water injection filtration in oil fields.


Therefore, in summary, the PP meltblown filter produced by the PP meltblown filter production line is mainly used in various filtration operations to play an important role in filtration. Moreover, the filter element has a good filtering effect and a long service life, so it can be used in a large amount in the water purification treatment.


3.PP production process of meltblown filter production line

PP melt-blown filter production line, which is used to produce PP melt-blown filter element, the production process that can be used is melt-blown method, which is one kind of polymer extrusion non-woven process. In the production mode, it was originally a batch melt-blown equipment, but later, there was a continuous production line to improve the production efficiency of PP melt-blown filter, and to realize the mass production of this filter and shorten the production cycle. .