PP spun filter cartridge machine production line's superior performance

- Jan 04, 2019-

The application of PP spun filter cartridge machine production line realizes the continuous automatic production of PP spinning filter. Compared with the intermittent filter production line, the continuous production of infinitely long filter cores greatly reduces the consumption of raw materials for production, has high productivity, low power consumption, low loss, and easy operation, and is therefore very popular among users.


In actual production, the raw materials are fed into the screw extruder through the automatic feeding device in the PP spun filter cartridge machine production line, and the raw materials are heated and melted in the screw extruder to be transported to the melt filter to filter out impurities in the melt. The melt enters the distributor and is evenly distributed by the gear metering pump to each of the two melt-blown dies on the left and right sides, and is extruded through the small holes of the melt-blown die. At this time, the melt at the small hole of the die is molded. On both sides of the head, the high-temperature high-speed airflow provided by the air compressor and the air heater is strongly drawn into ultra-fine short fibers, which are received and formed by the two sets of filter receiving devices.


The receiving equipment of the PP spun filter cartridge machine production line adopts a special structural design, which can make the filter fiber repeatedly wrap around the rotating shaft and be continuously drawn to form an infinitely long cylindrical filter element. Different fiber densities and wall thicknesses were obtained by adjusting the process parameters, and then cut by a fixed length to form a PP spinning filter product.