PP spun filter cartridge making machine production process

- Oct 15, 2018-

PP spinning filter manufacturing machine is a kind of equipment. It adopts automatic control system, which can continuously produce various kinds of filter elements. It is easy to operate, high in output, high in efficiency and long in machine life. At the same time, the equipment adopts frequency conversion speed regulation. The control system has low power consumption, low loss, good product quality, stable performance, high filtration precision, and realizes a radial multi-layer structure of the filter element to achieve a layered filtering effect of the filter element.


When the PP spinning filter manufacturing machine is produced, the automatic feeding machine automatically inhales 100% of the drawing-grade polypropylene and sends it to the extruder. The extruder heats and melts the PP particles to the liquid state. The compressed air is then sent to the oven for heating through a Roots blower or air compressor and a gas storage tank. The hot air is sprayed from the spray head to form a filament by pressure.


Finally, the filament of the PP spinning filter manufacturing machine reaches the screw of the winding device, the screw continues to rotate and forms a filter element, and the filter core automatically advances to the automatic cutting machine, and the automatic cutting machine can cut the required length according to the customer's requirements.


In the PP spinning filter manufacturing machine, there are many parts that can be customized according to different requirements, such as length, hole diameter, oven position, loading machine, winder and cutting machine, filter internal thread, etc., can be produced. Different types of products.