PP string wound filter cartridge machine operation requirements and the main role

- Jan 10, 2018-

PP string wound filter cartridge machine in the normal operation of the machine, our heating oven reaches its specified temperature, it will automatically heat, no longer in use when the power consumption, when the temperature drops, it automatically reaches the specified temperature. Air Compressor / Screw Compressors Compress the air to the pressure we require (it no longer consumes electricity and the compressor automatically continues to pressurize when the air pressure is low). The air is stored directly in the air tank and then stored by the air reservoir The cans are then oven dried and the hot air is then transferred to the molds of the two extruders and the filaments are then blown. )

PP string wound filter cartridge machine on each class requires a person to cut the filter, the machine operation after the general 10--15 days shut down to clean the mold of garbage, into the mold cleaning box heated to 500 degrees, need to heat for 4 hours, insulation takes 2 hours , Natural cooling. Filtration accuracy is: 1 micron, 3 microns, 5 microns, 10 microns, 20 microns ... ID: 28mm, 30mm OD: 60-200mm.

PP winding filter machine is mainly used in water purification, beverages, food, chemicals, oil, pharmaceuticals, electronics, environmental protection and other industries. Winding a variety of different requirements yarn, thread wound filter special molding machine. The winding machine with high speed, good yarn molding, full stop line, line change fast, low energy consumption and many other features.

PP winding cartridge winding machine winder winding speed: 60-320m / min, maximum winding diameter: 200mm (Winding diameter greater than 200mm can be customized to a limited extent) Power: ac380 / 220v 50hz Motor Power: 180w / Ingot 250w / spindle motor speed: 2800r / min, winding skeleton Material: POM, stainless steel, etc. according to customer's choice.