PP string wound filter cartridge machine production of the use of the filter cartridge

- Mar 03, 2018-

PP string wound filter cartridge machine is a deep filter cartridge, which is called a wire wound filter, mainly for low viscosity, low impurity content of the filter. PP winding filter machine work is based on the textile fiber lines such as polypropylene thread, absorbent cotton, etc.) as the raw material, and then according to a specific process precision wound on the porous skeleton made of its filter.


PP string wound filter cartridge machine made of wire wound filter with a thin outer honeycomb structure can effectively remove the fluid suspended solids, particulates, rust and other debris, with very good filtration characteristics, so in all sectors have Wide range of applications.


PP winding filter products not only filter high precision, small pressure, flow, with a large dirt holding capacity long life; and filter pore size within a small, with good deep filter effect; plus it by a variety of different materials Made, thus ensuring a variety of liquid filtration requirements, to achieve the best filtration results.


PP string wound filter cartridge machine made of PP winding type filter can be made of non-organic solution of water, acid and alkali, chemical solution and other non-organic solution. The service temperature does not exceed 60 ℃. The center rod of absorbent cotton fiber filter is made of stainless steel for organic solvent, water, Alkaline solution, beverage, medicine, etc., the temperature reached 120 ℃.


Precisely because of this, they can be used for pre-filtration of medium and ultra-pure water systems, pre-filtration of water in the beverage industry, filtration of the food industry, and even filtration of the chemical industry, fully demonstrating PP Wound filter machine performance is excellent.