PP string wound filter cartridge production line process characteristics and advantages

- Nov 21, 2018-

The PP string wound filter cartridge production line can be used to process and wind various yarns and thread wound filter cores. The winding machine has high speed, good yarn forming, full line stop, fast line change and low energy consumption. The production line transfers heat from the heating plate to the welding surface by electric heating, so that the surface of the plastic part is heated and melted, and then the hot plate is quickly withdrawn to solidify into one.


The main equipment of the PP string wound filter cartridge production line adopts the frame structure design, which has the filter body clamping and fixing positioning mechanism, the filter end cover fixed positioning mechanism, the filter body heating mechanism and the filter end cover heating mechanism. The machine is equipped with copper. There are four hot plates, and the hot plate is equipped with hot-melt hot plates for welding products that meet the needs of customers.


During the operation of the PP wire wound filter production line, the temperature controller is used to properly control the temperature condition, and the temperature can be automatically adjusted after the setting, and the heating temperature is expected to be displayed. The filter core long production line and the filter core interface production line and the filter core end cover production line are a complete set of filter core hot melt welding equipment, which is a special processing equipment for filter cores which are combined according to different requirements of customers.