PP Winding Filter Cartridge Production Line Related Content

- Sep 06, 2017-

PP winding filter cartridge production line is mainly used for production and processing PP winding filter cartridge products. PP winding filter cartridge products are a deep filter, often used in low viscosity, low miscellaneous quality of the filter environment. In the use of PP winding filter cartridge production line processing of this filter cartridge in the process, the use of raw materials mainly include: textile fiber line, polypropylene line and absorbent cotton and so on.

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This use of PP winding filter cartridge production line processing from the winding filter cartridge products have many advantages, first of all, due to the use of the honeycomb structure, so in the production process can ensure uniform distribution of pore size, filter hole from the inside to the outside, from small to Large order; secondly, in the filter cartridge, not only can achieve a higher filtration efficiency, but also very stable and reliable.

In contrast, the use of PP winding filter cartridge production line processing line filter products also have good adaptability, which can be used in different areas, such as water purification, beverage, food, electronics, chemical , Pharmaceutical and environmental protection industries.
In different PP winding filter cartridge production line, we can choose a different machine type, currently consists of two different types, one is single-phase speed winding machine, the other one is three-phase speed control around Line machine. In the course of the operation, we can use the button to adjust the speed of the winding, you can also replace the different gears to get different patterns.

In fact, PP winding filter cartridge production line layout and installation is relatively simple, such as the user can refer to their own instructions to install, or by the manufacturer to guide the installation. At the time of operation, the winding speed is usually 40-280m per minute, the maximum winding diameter of up to 200mm. If there are other needs, you can make custom.

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