PP winding filter machine main application flow and structural requirements

- Aug 01, 2018-

The PP winding filter machine can effectively wind the PP yarn on the porous skeleton during the operation, and effectively filter the filter core with different filtering precision by controlling the winding density and the shape of the filter hole. The outer diameter of the wire filter element is small and small inside, and has excellent deep filtration effect. The filter element can be made of various fiber materials to meet the needs of various liquid filtration, and can effectively remove suspended matter, particles, etc. in liquid suspension, and can withstand Higher filtration pressure.

PP winding filter machine mainly has the characteristics of large flow, low pressure difference, suitable for low viscosity medium and strong corrosion resistance, so it is often used as pre-filter for large-flow pure water system, water sewage of power plant steel mill, Treatment of circulating water, filtration of various industries such as filtration of edible oils and vegetable oils, syrups, chocolates, etc., and treatment of chemical industrial preparations, such as filtration of electroplating solutions, paints, oils, coatings Filtration, mechanical oil, cutting oil, heavy oil, fuel filtration, high viscosity resin, grease filtration, pharmaceutical filtration also has an efficient application.

The structure of the wire wound filter of the PP winding filter is made of fiber-proof winding on the skeleton, so it has higher filtration pressure bearing capacity than the general filter element, without losing pressure, and has a long use. Lifetime, non-toxic and non-toxic polypropylene fibers, and hot melt non-adhesive processing make this filter ideal for the food and beverage industry.