PP wound filter production line loved by users

- Jun 20, 2018-

At present, many different types of filter cartridges are used in many fields in China. The PP wound filter is a relatively common filter product, which is produced by the PP wound filter production line. The various types of filter cartridges produced by the PP wound filter production line are mainly used in water purification, beverage, food, chemical, oil, pharmaceutical, electronics, and environmental protection industries.


In the PP wound filter production line, the molding machine belongs to the main production equipment. In the production process, it is used to wind a variety of different requirements of yarn, wire wound filter product molding process. Usually high-quality winding machine has high speed, good yarn formation, full line stop, quick changeover, low energy consumption and many other advantages. During the operation of the production line, which mainly uses polypropylene raw materials as raw materials, after a series of processing and processing to obtain the finished filter element.


In general, in the production process of PP wound filter production line, the main processing procedures are high-temperature melting, spraying, traction, acceptance of forming, and cutting out a variety of tubular melt-blown filter elements. Wire-wound filter element or solid particles in liquid or gas, or make full contact with different material components to accelerate the reaction time, can protect the normal operation of the equipment or the air cleanliness, when the fluid enters the filter element with a certain size of filter, its impurities Blocked, and the clean stream flows out through the filter element.


It can be seen that the use of PP wound filter production line produced by the filter product has a good effect, which can make the contaminated liquid is clean to the state of production, life, which is to make the liquid to a certain degree of cleanliness.


At the same time, for different production requirements, the operating speed of the winding machine in the PP wound filter production line can be adjusted. Normally, if the length of the PP wound filter production line winding filter is less than 30 inches, the speed of the three-phase asynchronous motor is 2800 rpm. If the length of the wound filter is 30 inches or more, the three-phase torque motor rotates at 1400 revolutions per minute.