Practical application of automatic sludge dewatering machine

- Apr 08, 2018-

Taking into account the use of the situation, generally in the actual production of automatic sludge dewatering machine, will pay special attention to its wear resistance. Therefore, it is often the key components of its use of carbide and drum anti-wear technology designed to improve wear resistance, which is conducive to ensuring the service life of automatic sludge dewatering machine.


Second, in the actual operation process, the automatic sludge dewatering machine is highly efficient. This is because in the process of sludge dewatering, the equipment maintains a continuous, closed, and automatic state of work without causing clogging. In addition, it is not necessary to flush the inside of the body with high-pressure water during the work process, so the production efficiency is high.


Third, using an automatic sludge dewatering machine can greatly reduce labor intensity. This is because during the operation of the equipment, as the sludge to be treated is continuously input, the clarified liquid and the dehydrated cake are continuously discharged. Transportation and processing are a fully automated process that reduces the labor intensity of workers.


Fourth, it helps to keep the working environment clean. This is due to the compact design of the structure, so the space required for the automatic sludge dewatering machine is small, and the supporting equipment is relatively simple. And the entire work process is completely closed, will not cause pollution to the workshop, and is easy to manage.


Fourth, combined with the rich experience in the past, we continuously improve the performance of the equipment, and in the case of ensuring the treatment effect, the treatment volume of the automatic sludge dewatering machine is significantly improved, and the moisture content is low, and the stand-alone processing capacity is strong.


In addition, a number of new technologies have been applied, such as the use of a full-flow filter-free method, so that the sludge removal effect of the automatic sludge dewatering machine is always balanced and the effect is good.