Principle and product advantages of the snail sludge dewatering machine

- Jul 19, 2018-

The snail sludge dewatering machine is a common and common type in the sludge dewatering machine. The principle of dehydration is: when the sludge is concentrated by gravity, it is sent to the dewatering part of the dehydrator. In this area of the dewatering machine, as the sludge and the pitch become smaller during the advancement process, and under the blocking action of the back pressure plate, a high internal pressure is generated, and the volume is continuously reduced, thereby Let the sludge reach the goal of full dehydration.


Product advantages of the snail sludge dewatering machine


(1) This type of sludge dewatering machine can be said to be widely used because it can be used to treat sludge generated in industries such as food, beverage, chemical, paper, printing and dyeing. In addition, it can also be used to treat sludge in municipal sewage.

(2) Regardless of whether the sludge content in the sewage is high or low, the sludge treatment can be carried out using a snail sludge dewatering machine, which has a good treatment effect.

(3) The design structure of the dehydrator is reasonable and compact, and it takes up less space and is convenient for transportation and maintenance.

(4) The device is not prone to blockage during use because it has the function of self-cleaning, which can reduce the amount of flushing water and reduce the burden of internal circulation.

(5) The power consumption of the screw shaft is small, and the use of stainless steel in the machine body is more, which can extend the overall service life.

(6) In use, the fault is small and the running noise is small, the operation is safe and reliable, and the maintenance work is simple. In addition, 24 hours of continuous operation can be achieved by some device components, etc., to improve the working efficiency of the snail sludge dewatering machine.


Comparison of stacked snail sludge dewatering machine and other equipment

In the sludge treatment, the available equipments are three types: a snail sludge dewatering machine, a belt filter press, and a plate and frame type sludge filter press. Comparing these three kinds of equipment, the snail sludge dewatering machine has the advantage of use, which is: the equipment is not prone to sludge clogging, and further, it does not require vigorous cleaning, which can well solve the traditional sludge treatment equipment. Mud blocks this problem. In addition, the dewatering machine is easy to install, stable in processing and consumes less power. In the process of treating sludge, the generation of odor can be reduced to reduce the degree of air pollution.