Process parameters and production process steps of CTO active carbon block filter cartridge making machine

- Sep 26, 2018-

Normally, during the operation of the CTO activated carbon filter manufacturing machine, one main unit can only produce one size of inner and outer diameter. The inner and outer diameters of the carbon rod are tailored to the customer's requirements. The length can be cut at will according to the customer's requirements.


The conventional dimensions of carbon rods processed by CTO activated carbon filter manufacturing machines are:

Inner diameter: 28, 32MM;

Outer diameter: ≤65MM;

Production line power: 10KW;

During the operation of the machine, its actual power consumption is small. This is because after the device is in normal operation, after the set temperature is reached, it is automatically insulated. At this time, no power is consumed. When the temperature drops, it automatically rises to the specified temperature. .


Production process steps of CTO activated carbon filter manufacturing machine:

First of all, we should prepare the corresponding raw materials according to the production requirements, generally 85% activated carbon raw materials and 15% PE glue, in the proportion of the raw materials in the mixer and stir. Then, the stirred raw materials are sent to the extruder through automatic feeding, and the carbon filter core is molded through the mold, and is cooled and formed by a water tank. A worker cuts it and puts it on the cutting machine to cut into the size required by the customer. After that, the non-woven fabric, mesh cloth, and the end cover are glued by the dispenser, and the heat shrinkable film is packaged to form an activated carbon filter product.