Protection device of decanter centrifuge

- Oct 01, 2020-

With the improvement of my country's production technology and the improvement of safety awareness, the protection devices on the decanter centrifuge have become more and more perfect. This can not only ensure that the decanter centrifuge is not damaged in some unexpected situations, but also can better protect the safety of our staff. So, for this equipment, what protection devices are included?

In fact, as far as the decanter centrifuge equipment is concerned, its protection devices mainly include five aspects. Next, we will introduce them separately, hoping to deepen your understanding. The first is the main bearing temperature alarm function. To put it simply, if the bearing temperature exceeds a high temperature during the operation of the equipment, the control system will stop the operation through the actuator, which can be effective Protect the main bearing to avoid unnecessary damage.

The second protective device is the vibration alarm. Under normal circumstances, when the decanter centrifuge equipment is working, there will be a certain amount of vibration, but this vibration problem is relatively minor, and when the equipment has a relatively severe vibration problem, it means that some aspects of it have problems. , So the control system of the equipment will realize shutdown processing through the actuator to protect the equipment.

The third is the overcurrent protection device of the main and auxiliary motors. Under normal circumstances, for a certain type of decanter centrifuge equipment, it has a given current value during operation. Within this range, the equipment is operating well, and if it exceeds this range, it may cause certain Therefore, when the load current exceeds the set value, the device will alarm and shut down to ensure the safety of the equipment.

In addition to the above three protection functions, two other protection functions are also very necessary. They are: hydraulic differential system protection device and speed and differential speed monitoring device. It is precisely because of the role of these protective devices that we are more at ease when using the decanter centrifuge equipment.