Purpose and performance advantages of horizontal type spiral discharge centrifuge machine

- Jun 05, 2019-

The horizontal type spiral discharge centrifuge machine is a high-efficiency centrifugal separation and sedimentation equipment for horizontal screw discharge and continuous operation. It is suitable for dewatering sludge produced in industrial and civil sewage treatment processes, and is also widely used in chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other industries.


The purpose of the horizontal screw discharge centrifuge separation is to separate the solid matter in the mixed fluid having a specific gravity larger than the liquid phase fluid from the liquid phase fluid. When the mixed liquid has a feed port and enters the high-speed rotating drum body cavity, the solid matter with a large specific gravity in the mixed liquid rapidly settles to the inner wall of the drum under the action of centrifugal force, and is discharged from the solid phase by the screw ejector. The drum is discharged outside the drum; at the same time, the liquid phase with a smaller specific gravity forms an inner liquid ring under the action of centrifugal force, and is discharged through the liquid phase overflow port to the outside of the drum.


The drum and the screw ejector simultaneously operate at high speed. Because there is a certain difference in rotation speed between the two, the solid matter deposited on the drum wall is continuously pushed by the screw ejector to the liquid outlet, and the whole separation process is performed. Continuously. The feeding, separating, unloading, and the like of the horizontal screw discharge centrifuge are continuously and automatically performed under high-speed operation, and the programmable controller is used to realize the automatic control of the centrifugal separation and the centrifugal washing process.


The horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge adopts dual-motor double-conversion energy feedback differential speed system control, flexible and stepless adjustment of the differential speed, and adjusts the differential speed at any time according to the change of materials, real energy-saving products. With multiple protections such as torque protection and power control, it can effectively eliminate or reduce damage caused by sudden failures.